In the heart of Los Angeles, Raul grew up in a family that suffered much turmoil due to alcoholism, which resulted in verbal and physical abuse. Having an aggressive nature, he sought to become a fierce street fighter and this desire lead him to the Kung Fu studio of Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo, where he became a first generation Master of the art.

Graduating from high school, Raul joined the Marines and fought fiercely for his country, in Vietnam, earning him two purple hearts for bravery. Already filled with anger, the war fed the fire in his heart, filling him with an all consuming rage, which he brought home with him.

Seeking refuge from the fury in his heart, Raul married a Christian girl he knew in high school and wrote to throughout his time in Vietnam. However, her love for him could not tame the anger within.

Coming home one night and fearing that his wife had taken his children and left him, in a moment of fury, he decided to end it all by destroying his family and shooting it out with the police. However, God intervened through Pastor Chuck Smith. He was on television being interviewed, during the tumultuous, drug saturated years of the 70’s, because of his work with the hippies who were turning to Jesus by the thousands.

Raul then surrendered his troubled life to Jesus Christ right in front of the TV set. His life was completely transformed, his marriage restored and he was empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, to others.

Today, Raul pursues the world through the EXIT Concerts, with a new perspective on life, “The world has nothing to offer but ongoing emptiness and eternal damnation. Jesus came to give you an abundant and eternal life.”